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Revealed: What are movers looking for post-lockdown?

July 2020

We’re only half way through the year and, already, so much has changed –  including property search trends.

According to a recent Rightmove survey, almost half of buyers in the market claim lockdown has significantly altered what they’re looking for in a future home.

A garden, a green space and a great work-from-home place

Although things are likely to pick up where they left off once lockdown eases, the pandemic has resulted in people wanting bigger gardens, homes with better potential workspaces, and also to live closer to green spaces.

In fact, searches for homes with gardens are up 42% in May, compared to May last year. 49% of the people surveyed also said they are currently working from home. Of those, one in five stated that they would like to work from home permanently.

For this reason, there has been a visible shift towards people prioritising homes with a fast internet connection and a home office.

Flats are out, bigger houses are in…

You’ll be surprised to hear that, for the first time in years, flats have fallen out of the top five most sought after property types. The studio flat was the second most sought after property type among buyers in January but that had all changed by May, when there seemed to be a growing appetite for two, three and four bedroom houses.

Country escape

With more of us working from home, living close to transport links is less important. Buyers are instead looking to live somewhere quieter and a little more rural. One third of movers stated that the lockdown had made them want to live in a rural area and just over a third stated they wanted to now live closer to parks and green spaces.

So, if you’re also looking to sell this year, it’s probably worth making sure your outdoor spaces are looking the part; clear out any clutter, mow the lawn, paint the windows and keep things clean and tidy.

For your indoor spaces, it might be an idea to transform the spare room into a work space. With a little thoughtful planning and creativity, almost any space in your house can be turned into a useful home office. Grab some inexpensive furniture and show how a future work set up could look.

In short, we have noticed a considerable shift in home preferences over the last few months. We’ll keep an eye on ongoing trends and keep you updated on our website.

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